About us

  1. What was the biggest challenge you faced in creating your store?
    Compelling imagery. 
  2. What worked really well when using our platform?
    You get the hang of it (eventually). Shopify provides an option for merchants set up their store in a few days on their own vs. paying a developer or an agency to help them. 
  3. What could be improved when using our platform?
    The "Build a Store Activity" was super helpful because there were links directly in the doc. How about adding prompts directly for merchants when building out their store?
  4. How did this experience help you build empathy for our merchants?
    It was incredible! I'm going to build my own online store in the fall so it was a great learning opportunity for me. 
  5. What is your biggest takeaway from this experience?
    It's VERY easy to start your own business.